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Pre-Roasted Goose Cooking Instructions
Pre-Roasted Goose Cooking Instructions
Do I need to thaw my Pre-Roasted Goose?
Thawing is not required for the Pre-Roasted goose. It is certainly safe to have the Pre-Roasted goose partially or fully thawed in the refrigerator a day or so before cooking. However, we have found t
I am on a sodium-restricted diet. Can I eat your products?
Yes - All of our raw products, whether whole geese and capons, or goose parts (such as raw boneless goose breasts or goose leg quarters) have no additives of any kind. Therefore either our Whetstone
How much goose should I buy?
You will need approximately 1.5 pounds of raw frozen goose (Whetstone Valley and All-American Holiday Geese) for each 6-8 ounce serving of meat. Example: Serving 8 people? You will need approximately
Is goose hard to prepare?
No - simple cooking instructions can be found on the back of all of our whole geese. However, for the more adventurous there are many recipes on our website from very simple to quite elaborate! Want