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“The Dickens”, Goose and Stilton Burger with “Foie Gras” Center ~ Lost Past Remembered Blog ~ Deana Sidney
“The Dickens” Goose and Stilton Burger with “Foie Gras” Center Mousse de Foie d'Oie, Canard, Volaille (goose) ; Port jelly ; Sauteed Onions with Port and Rendered Goose Fat ; Brio
Christmas Goose ~ Woman's Day ~ December 1995
Christmas Goose
Goose Liver Pate ~ Recipe by Chef Jeffrey Trujillo
Goose Liver Pate
When do the goslings arrive?
In March, the hens begin laying eggs in their buildings where the feed and water are provided. When they begin nesting, we provide the materials for them and they build their own nests. We do this bec
Where are you located?
Our breeders live near Tolna, North Dakota. Once the egg-laying season begins, the eggs are transported to our hatchery in Sisseton, South Dakota. Once hatched, the goslings grow out in South Dakota a