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Goose Leg Confit ~ Recipe by Chef Jeffrey Trujillo
Goose Leg Confit Chef Jeffrey Trujillo Biography
Basic Goose Leg Recipe
Basic Goose Leg Recipe
I am on a sodium-restricted diet. Can I eat your products?
Yes - All of our raw products, whether whole geese and capons, or goose parts (such as raw boneless goose breasts or goose leg quarters) have no additives of any kind. Therefore either our Whetstone
Goose with Stewed Beans and Chorizo ~ French Culinary Institute
G oose with Stewed Beans and Chorizo
Goose Confit and Fig Salad ~ Saveur Magazine ~ December 2011
Goose Confit and Fig Salad
How do I know when my goose is done?
Goose is best when it reaches at least 185°F deep in the thigh meat. At this temperature the juices will run clear, the legs will move easily in the sockets, and the meat will nearly fall off the bon