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Are the geese kept indoors their entire life?
No. The goslings are kept indoors for the first 12 days as weather changes in South Dakota can be quite severe and during these first 12 days it is too hard to get such young ones back inside if a sto
Are your geese 'organic'?
We have chosen not to pursue organic grains at this time because geese are extremely sensitive to molds (it kills goslings and makes adult males go sterile). All inputs to the geese are inspected on a
Do your geese receive antibiotics?
Our geese receive antibiotics only if a flock is threatened by an illness, and then only for the prescribed course of time determined by our veterinarian. Antibiotics are never given 'just in case'.
Do your geese receive hormones?
No. Never.
How are your geese raised?
In January, the breeders that have been selected and kept for the next year are moved to their permanent residence in North Dakota. There they have pens in buildings with large outside lots. Each goos
Meet Alice
Alice, our Great Pyrenees, lives on our South Dakota farm. She started training for her Security Patrol career as a puppy on our North Dakota farm with our breeders. Being naturally nocturnal, she wor
What are your geese fed?
Throughout their life on the farm, the geese receive feed that is prepared with the help of a professional nutritionist. He ensures that all feed is appropriate for the geese during the different stag
What does "free range" mean?
Our geese are cage-free. They are started in straw bedded barns. When they are old enough to walk back into the barn fast enough to not get caught outside in a fast approaching thunderstorm they are g
What species/breed are your geese?
The species is Anser/Anser Domesticus and the breed would be most comparable to the White Embden goose. Our goose is our own breed of domestic goose, which was developed with renowned poultry genetici
When do the goslings arrive?
In March, the hens begin laying eggs in their buildings where the feed and water are provided. When they begin nesting, we provide the materials for them and they build their own nests. We do this bec
Where are you located?
Our breeders live near Tolna, North Dakota. Once the egg-laying season begins, the eggs are transported to our hatchery in Sisseton, South Dakota. Once hatched, the goslings grow out in South Dakota a