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Are hens (female geese) more tender than ganders (male geese)?
No. Tenderness depends on the age of the bird when processed. The changes that take place in the body of a goose at sexual maturity cause texture and flavor changes in the meat. All of our products th
Are your geese gluten-free?
Yes - the All American Holiday Young Geese - Raised Without Antibiotics and the Whetstone Valley Young Geese - Raised Without Antibiotics available on our website, are raised on a corn based diet, wi
Do I need to thaw my Pre-Roasted Goose?
Thawing is not required for the Pre-Roasted goose. It is certainly safe to have the Pre-Roasted goose partially or fully thawed in the refrigerator a day or so before cooking. However, we have found t
Fresh vs. frozen?
We have (more than once) tried a frozen goose next to a fresh goose and never found a difference in taste or texture. We believe this has a lot to do with the layer of fat the geese have and how the m
I am on a sodium-restricted diet. Can I eat your products?
Yes - All of our raw products, whether whole geese and capons, or goose parts (such as raw boneless goose breasts or goose leg quarters) have no additives of any kind. Therefore either our Whetstone
Light or dark meat?
Goose is all dark meat.
What is the difference between the Grade #1 and Grade #2 Late Harvest Fatty Liver?
Our #1 Late Harvest Fatty Liver is the larger, fattier of the two grades, therefore produced by the geese in a more limited quantity. If you cut into the two livers, the #1 fatty liver will be “fria