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Can I cook a whole goose on a rotisserie?
Goose can successfully be cooked on a rotisserie. Be aware that as a waterfowl, your goose will have more fat rendering from it than a chicken or a turkey. You must take extra care in checking and dra
Can I cook my goose in a convection oven?
Yes. Input the time and temperature listed in your standard recipe into this handy online calculator for quick conversion.
Can I stuff my goose?
Absolutely, as long as you adhere to strict safety instructions. Clean the bird thoroughly inside and out with water, then pat dry with a paper towel before inserting the stuffing. Cook raw stuffi
Do I need to baste my goose?
No. Some recipes call for basting, but it is not essential for a tender, juicy goose.
Do I need to roast my goose on a rack?
Yes . As a waterfowl, your goose will have more fat rendering from it than a chicken or a turkey. You need to have your goose elevated to keep the bird above the juices/fat that will accumulate in th
How big of a roaster do I need for a goose?
Below we have listed the approximate dimensions of each goose size range.  Remember, to keep your goose from smoking you need a roaster large enough that no part of the goose hangs over any edge
How do I know when my goose is done?
Goose is best when it reaches at least 185°F deep in the thigh meat. At this temperature the juices will run clear, the legs will move easily in the sockets, and the meat will nearly fall off the bon
How long can leftovers be stored?
Leftover poultry should be removed from the bones and refrigerated in containers within 2 hours of roasting. Leftovers may be kept 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator or frozen 3 to 4 months. See R
How much goose should I buy?
You will need approximately 1.5 pounds of raw frozen goose (Whetstone Valley and All-American Holiday Geese) for each 6-8 ounce serving of meat. Example: Serving 8 people? You will need approximately
Is goose hard to prepare?
No - simple cooking instructions can be found on the back of all of our whole geese. However, for the more adventurous there are many recipes on our website from very simple to quite elaborate! Want
Once thawed, how long do I have before I have to cook my goose?
Once thawed, cook your bird within a few days.
Thaw Time
What do I do with the giblets? Neck?
Giblets and necks are often used for making Giblet Gravy, Stuffing, and for making stock. Please check our Recipe section!
What is the best way to store my frozen raw goose or capon?
Store your uncooked goose or capon in the freezer until ready to thaw for cooking.