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When do the goslings arrive?
Last Updated: 07/26/2012
In March, the hens begin laying eggs in their buildings where the feed and water are provided. When they begin nesting, we provide the materials for them and they build their own nests. We do this because they enjoy building the nests and are very particular about where and how they want the nests arranged. This is quite an activity to watch as they are very intricate in just how a nest should be built.

Once the eggs are laid, personnel will gather them in baskets lined with bubble pack to protect the shells and warm cloth to keep them from getting unduly chilled. The eggs are then washed, disinfected and placed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to await incubation. The eggs are transported to our hatchery in South Dakota in a temperature-controlled van and are put into the incubators within. After 27 days in the incubators they are transferred to a hatcher (higher humidity and different trays) where they will hatch after 4 more days. (31 days total)

All of the goslings (baby geese) are then loaded into a heated van and taken to their new home two miles away. They are put in an insulated barn with feed, water and grit (grit is needed by the gizzard for grinding the feed to the goslings’ desired texture). The barn is kept at a temperature where the goslings are comfortable and happy.
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