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What species/breed are your geese?
Last Updated: 07/26/2012
The species is Anser/Anser Domesticus and the breed would be most comparable to the White Embden goose.  Our goose is our own breed of domestic goose, which was developed with renowned poultry geneticists Verne Logan and Dr. Arnie Nordskog, from Iowa State University, to develop superior strains and breeds of geese for the table.  with Dr. Nordskog's help and guidance, Schiltz established grandparent lines and registered a distinct breed of goose with the Dept. of Agriculture, Schiltz Line 306.  Our geese have the genetics from the German Embden, the Royal English, the French Toulouse (although we changed it to white feathers, which are dominant to gray), and the Royal Chinese goose.  These were the breeds we felt worldwide have the most commercial use.
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