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Our Feed
Are your geese gluten-free?
  Yes - Our Whetstone Valley No Antibiotics Administered brand, which available in some stores and on our website, are raised on a corn based diet, with no wheat or other small grains.
Are your geese GMO free?
  No - we purchase commercial feed from a nearby feed mill.  All of our goose diets are regulated by a nutritionist and veterinarian that specialize in poultry.
What are your geese fed?
  • Throughout their life on the farm, the geese receive feed that is prepared with the help of a professional nutritionist. He ensures that all feed is appropriate for the geese during the different stages of their lives.
  • Dietary changes are made as the birds' nutritional needs evolve. The diet consists mainly of corn and soybean meal mixed with vitamins and minerals, along with greens (seeded lots and fresh-cut) which they enjoy immensely.
  • Their water, feed, grit and hay are free choice (we do not, nor ever will, force-feed our geese).
  • Geese need and enjoy fiber (grasses, hay, etc) after their early gosling days (the gizzard must develop enough to grind the fibers) so we provide them with these roughage's by: planting their lots in the fall/spring and turning them out as the plots and geese both mature; feed them the hay we harvest, as they truly enjoy good alfalfa; and we put fiber in their feed for a nicely balanced goose diet.