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Other Product Questions
Are hens (female geese) more tender than ganders (male geese)?
  No. The tenderness of the meat depends on the age of the bird when processed. The changes that take place in the body of a goose at sexual maturity cause texture and flavor changes in the meat. All products available on our website or in your local grocery store are processed as young geese, at approximately 18-23 weeks of age.
Are Whole Smoked Goose and Smoked Goose Breasts fully cooked?
  Yes, they are fully cooked and can be carved and served cold for appetizers or sandwiches. The Sliced Smoked Goose Breast can be heated and served in any capacity that you would use bacon.

For a special treat, heat your Whole Smoked Goose for 60 minutes in the oven at 350°F and serve it as the centerpiece for your special meal.
Are your geese gluten-free?
  Yes - Our Whetstone Valley No Antibiotics Administered brand, which available in some stores and on our website, are raised on a corn based diet, with no wheat or other small grains.

Do Geese have light or dark meat?
  Goose is all dark meat.
Do I need to thaw my Pre-Roasted Goose?
  Thawing is not required  for our Pre-Roasted Goose.  It is safe to have the Pre-Roasted goose partially or fully thawed in the refrigerator a day or so before cooking.  However, we have found that your final product will be more tender if it's put in the oven fully frozen.  If you have no room in your freezer and it must be partially thawed, we suggest lowering the oven temperature (325°F to 350°F) and start watching for the pop-up timer as early as 60 minutes.  When the pop-up pops, it is done - (could be anywhere from 60-80 minutes).
I am on a sodium-restricted diet. Can I eat your products?
  • All of our raw products, whether whole geese, capons, or goose parts (such as raw boneless goose breasts or goose leg quarters) have no additives of any kind.  Therefore either our Whetstone Valley Young Goose,  our All American Holiday Young Goose, or our Minowa Capon  would be quite suitable for the restrictions of your diet.

  • All of our pre-cooked products - our Pre-Roasted Goose, Whole Smoked Goose, and Smoked Goose Breasts or Legs - are injected or cured with a salt brine. Although we are certain you would enjoy these flavorful products, we cannot recommend them for a low salt diet.
Is there a difference - Fresh vs. frozen?
  We have (more than once) tasted a frozen goose next to a fresh goose and couldn't find a difference in taste or texture. We believe this consistency of meat due to a couple of reasons. One is from the layer of fat geese have, in addition to our flash-freezing method, which contributes to the consistency in taste and texture to a fresh bird.
What is the difference between the Grade #1 and Grade #2 Late Harvest Fatty Liver?
  • Our #1 Late Harvest Fatty Liver is the larger, fattier of the two grades, therefore produced by the geese in a more limited quantity. If you cut into the two livers, the #1 fatty liver be easier to fry and have fat through and through.
  • Our #2 often has a red tint through the middle of the liver, whereby the liver is not fully permeated with fat. The #2 is wonderful for a terrine, pate, or mousse - having a smoother texture and richer flavor than a standard liver.
  • We do not, nor ever will force-feed our geese.