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For centuries many artisans have chosen egg art or eggeury as a form of expression. Schiltz Foods hand selects and prepares each of our craft eggs with your next masterpiece in mind. From crate to craft table, our eggs are ready for cutting or painting with no additional preparation.

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NOTE: Your eggs may have delayed shipping September-December. Please keep that in mind when placing your goose egg order.

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Additional Information About Our Eggs:

  • Each egg is washed, blown, sanded a brilliant white, drilled, rinsed, disinfected, dried, inspected and graded.
  • Each egg has one hole.
  • Unsanded eggs are available if ordered early within the season.
  • We are unable to accommodate hand-picked special size or shaped eggs.
  • Our standard shipping method is Ground shipping, which is FREE. If you prefer expedited shipping, you may choose a different shipping method at checkout and will be charged accordingly.