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Egg Shell Information
Are unsanded eggs available?
  Yes, if ordered early in the season.  Geese lay eggs in late winter through mid-spring.  Orders for unsanded eggs must be received during the laying season so that the proper size and quantity will be diverted from our sanding personnel.
Are your eggs craft-ready?
  Yes.  They are cleaned, blown, and disinfected - ready for the craft of your choice.
Do you carry goose eggs for eating?
  No.  All of our eggs are empty shells for crafting.
Do you ever carry any other types of egg shells?
  No-for bio-security reasons we do not bring in eggs of any other species, to prevent exposing our flocks to any possible cross-contamination.
Do you use Muriatic Acid to clean your eggs?
  No-we gently, individually sandblast our eggs with very fine glass beads to remove any staining.
Does sanding the eggs weaken them?
  No.  We use very fine beads with gentle air pressure, just enough to remove any debris from the surface of the egg.
What size is the opening in the egg?
  1/4 inch.
Where do you get your eggs?
  All of the goose eggs are from our farm.  We are, first and foremost, a goose hatchery and farm.  All of our eggs go to our incubators first (except for some that become our XL and Jumbo, which are too big for the incubator trays).  After approximately 10 days in the incubator, all of the eggs are candled (held to a bright light to see if a gosling is developing in the egg).  Eggs that are infertile are removed and taken to our eggery to become craft eggs.