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All of our products are available in wholesale (truckload or pallet) quantities, however, these items are not available for online purchase. If you would like more information regarding any of these products, please contact us via email.
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North American Goose

USDA Inspected, Plant Grade geese with small skin tears or other minor imperfections. Perfect for food service industry where whole bird presentation is not an issue.

North American Geese are vacuum retail packaged in opaque vacuum shrink bags with netting and a price tag.
Confucius Goose

Confucius Style Geese are USDA inspected. We further select for perfect skin quality; packaged with the head on, gut in, feet on.

Confucius Style Geese are packaged in clear vacuum shrink bags.

Average weight is 10 – 11 lbs per head. Great for barbecue (BBQ).
Goose Feet

Young Goose Feet have the skin and cuticles removed. All feet are intact and not broken. Inspected by USDA for North American sales, as well as export sales.

Young goose feet are packed 15 lbs. (approximately) per each clear vacuum sealed package and flash frozen.
Goose Chitterlings

Chitterlings are defatted, split, cleaned and packed 5 lbs. per each clear vacuum sealed package, then flash frozen.  All products are inspected for wholesomeness by USDA.
Goose Wing Portions (2 Joint)

Wing Portions (mix of 1, 2 and 3 joint wings) are packed 12.5 lbs. (approximately) per each clear vacuum sealed package and flash frozen.  There are approximately 36 wings in each package.

Inspected for wholesomeness by USDA.