In the News

Schiltz Foods has had the pleasure of being in numerous press releases and magazines over the years. 

  • On February 26, 2012, our Smoked Goose Breast was featured at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival in a recipe for Golden Deviled Egg with Smoked Goose Breast by Chef Gary Lampner of Egg Whites Catering.  He said the eggs were the hit of the show!  Read about the festival and Chef Gary here:
          Egg Whites Catering Blog
          South Beach Food & Wine Festival Chef Details

  • On February 17, 2012, we had the honor of being invited to and recognized at the White House in Washington, DC by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Recognition of Manufacturing Success in Rural America."   We received the Certificate of Appreciation from the USDA Rural Business and Cooperative Service for "providing employment opportunities and economic growth through manufacturing in Rural America."

·        On December 19, 2011 we had our 10 seconds of fame on the Today Show!  Check it out here!

  •  Goose was featured in the December 2011 issue of Saveur Magazine.  We sent some geese to Chef Brian Alberg of the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and he made these recipes using goose products: Christmas Goose with Stuffing, Goose Confit Salad, Goose Liver Terrines, Rosemary Popovers, and Turnips with Candied Bacon.  Check them out by clicking the picture below, or by going into our "Recipes" section.


·        Check out this great post on the Foodwishes blog - it has some great pictures and video of our Whole Smoked Goose.


  • We are excited to announce that our Whole Smoked Goose won the 2012 Tasty Award!

  • In 1991, Jim Schiltz, co-owner, provided to Dave McMillan, Worldwide Movie Animals, Inc., Hollywood, CA, 1,000 lively, talkative, good-natured geese.  The geese were used for the movie "Sneakers", which was produced by Universal Studios.  The movie "Sneakers" stars Robert Redford, Sidney Portier, Dan Akroyd, River Phoenix and David Stratharin.

 A high-tech caper about an offbeat security team takes off on a dangerous mission to steal a "black box".  Robert Redford is the team leader and his character at one point is looking for a "cocktail party", which was actually our 1,000 "talkative" geese.